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will write scripts!

2012-03-16 01:07:30 by chaosdrakath

If anyone needs help with pre release reviewing or script writing please don't hesitate to contact me. All I ask is that if I help I'm put on the list of creators. I also will not work to create porn.

will write scripts!

I have to admit, the new site design looks great. i really like the removal of ads on the sides of the site and the new art. But I feel like their are a few things that I will miss about the old site. Like the review 1 through 10 scoring and the larger pm button. My question to you is, what do you like/dislike about the new site?

Ah New Years

2011-12-28 10:25:18 by chaosdrakath

Soon 2012 will be upon us. I look forward to laughing at all the idiots who think that when the aztec calender ends so will the world. All I can think is.

Aztec 1: I ran out of rock at December 23rd, is that good enough?

Aztec 2: Sure.

Merry Christmas

2011-12-24 17:53:14 by chaosdrakath

Ah Christmas, a time of food, family, fun. And most importantly, Christ. A day when the most of the world can agree to be happy. Merry Christmas newgrounds, it's been a great year

Key ingredients

2011-11-03 21:27:32 by chaosdrakath

Something I have noticed in my little of work of critique of animation is that there is far more than just an animator needed for a full-blown flash movie. You would at least need a project leader, animator, developer, author, voice actors/actresses, beta-tester, editor, shoulder to cry on, and much more.

I must apologize for a soon to come lack of activity online. With the start of school coming around newgrounds will be cut very thin. I will try to check my inbox once a week so I'm not completely dropping the site for a while. If you have any questions please comment and send me a pm.


2011-08-02 19:58:15 by chaosdrakath

No, not the game you fanboy. Starting in a few minutes I am going to submit the first the two EDIT artworks(DON'T PUT ON THE EFFING PORTAL!) of the portal series. Why it's called the portal series you will find out soon enough.


2011-07-19 00:40:35 by chaosdrakath

Finally got finished with my first flash and am just fired up to make a new one. If any animators out there need a beta-tester or editor I am at your service. Man was this one heck of a rush and I never expected to have rina-chan on my first flash. Check out pokemon poop brown by EASTBEAST. No, we did not steal from turd brown by pheonix but we actually discovered that about three hours before submitting.


Welcome to the page of...

2011-07-07 20:03:40 by chaosdrakath

An editor/script writer/beta-tester/edit artist/master of the / key.

Welcome to the  page of...


2011-07-07 19:49:39 by chaosdrakath

I don't have anything against them but when they turn into those creepy waiters who look fourteen year old boys up and down like sex toys is when it should be outlawed.