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2011-06-18 16:06:12 by chaosdrakath

I don't know why you are here but please leave a comment or review my edit art. Have a nice day.

balls off the walls!

2011-06-16 22:19:10 by chaosdrakath

over one hundred and fifty reviews! totally makes up for the audicity incident

balls off the walls!


2011-06-09 17:24:53 by chaosdrakath

So I Download audacity and get ready for the voice acting demo/ welcome to my account when all of a sudden i discove newgrounds only accepts mp3 files. ok no problem until the converter won't download
sorry about misleading everyone


2011-06-09 15:30:50 by chaosdrakath

I have decided to do voice acting. I'm sick of being on the sidelines just writing reviews


2011-06-06 14:53:10 by chaosdrakath

considering voice acting... im really thinking about it


2011-06-05 12:05:40 by chaosdrakath

who needs it when ya got newgrounds?


2011-06-02 08:31:21 by chaosdrakath

if you need ideas, scripts, beta testing, or critique than your in the right place


2011-05-31 22:36:08 by chaosdrakath

read the post before this one everything other than voice acting

your in the right place IF

2011-05-31 14:36:37 by chaosdrakath

you need ideas, a script, beta testing, pre release reviewing, ideas in general, or voice acting(available in a few days)

if you need something to be reviewed, crtiqued, beta tested, or you just need an idea your in the right place