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ok then

2011-05-24 15:18:00 by chaosdrakath

don't know why i write news anymore, its not like anyone even comes to this page. the one that does just PMs me so news is irrelevant to what i do on newgrounds: review, inspire, and help in general


2011-05-23 08:43:27 by chaosdrakath

just sent a message to matt-likes-swords, one of the most accomplished game designers on this site. I'm wondering if he will actually read it and more importantly respond

heck ya!

2011-05-07 00:47:05 by chaosdrakath

finally got my computer fixed so i can get on newgrounds on my own computer again? eff ya!

welcome random person!

2011-05-05 16:53:37 by chaosdrakath

for whatever reason you decided to visit my userpage! i dont know why your here but please feel free to look around and remember that the cake is a lie


2011-05-03 19:26:28 by chaosdrakath

just noticed but i just hit 3000 achievment points

so close to one hundred reviews i can taste it! it tastes like cheese.


2011-03-29 19:19:31 by chaosdrakath

wondering whether or not i should try to join the newgrounds police force
better rack up some blams and saves


2011-03-28 23:26:42 by chaosdrakath

dont know why im posting