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2011-07-19 00:40:35 by chaosdrakath

Finally got finished with my first flash and am just fired up to make a new one. If any animators out there need a beta-tester or editor I am at your service. Man was this one heck of a rush and I never expected to have rina-chan on my first flash. Check out pokemon poop brown by EASTBEAST. No, we did not steal from turd brown by pheonix but we actually discovered that about three hours before submitting.



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2011-07-19 00:41:33

Alright then.


2011-07-19 12:51:58

Nice work dude, Looking forward to upcoming projects. ;) be sure to message me about that idea you had last night.

chaosdrakath responds:

I will, but right now Im in Austin so I'll send it tonight