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new newgrounds, good or bad?

2012-02-17 07:50:35 by chaosdrakath

I have to admit, the new site design looks great. i really like the removal of ads on the sides of the site and the new art. But I feel like their are a few things that I will miss about the old site. Like the review 1 through 10 scoring and the larger pm button. My question to you is, what do you like/dislike about the new site?


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2012-02-17 08:24:53

Good enough. Still being tweaked.


2012-02-17 09:41:05

well... i really dont like the removal of the exact numeric stats of people's level and etc. from the main profile
and cant even view the list of new levels : (!
and the new layout is very confusing with those side menüs. i always only use the classic portal button


2012-02-17 09:41:36

sorry i meant side menus* :O